The Best Office Water Cooler

They always say it’s the little things in life that can make the most difference, and we believe a great water cooler can transform an office. Office water coolers can be so much more than those dull plastic things you remember from your school days, they can be sleek and sophisticated, impressing staff and clients alike with their functionality and finesse. More than that, they can hydrate tiresome employees, are a healthier and safer alternative to tap water and are better for the environment too. We invite you to check out our range of water coolers, which we detail in this post.

The Unite Watercooler (B5)

If you’re looking for a chic office water dispenser to match your modern, upmarket office then the B5 is the one for you. Its unique fountain tap and lit dispense area is a show in itself, sure to cause conversation while people pour their choice of chilled, ambient, hot or sparkling water.

The Benefits Of The Unite Watercooler (B5)

Dual integral cup dispensers great for storing plastic cups or mugs.

Works especially well in the reception area and break room.

A built-in leak detector that allows quick recovery.

The nozzle is shrouded for hygiene.

Great for the reception area.

The Underbench Watercooler (U1)

Especially great if you regularly hold large meetings or conventions, the Underbench office Watercooler can serve up to 22 litres of chilled water per hour, refreshing everyone after all the exciting and valuable goings-on.

  The Benefits Of The Underbench Office Water Dispenser

Dispenses chilled, ambient and sparkling water at the touch of a button.

Works well in kitchenettes and tea point areas with restricted space.

Low energy consumption, making it environmentally-friendly.

Compact under-counter unit that hides the water tank.

A hygienic control panel for ease of use.

The Quarrtz Watercooler (B1)

From reception areas, boardrooms and factories to staff kitchens and warehouses, the simple yet adaptable B1 works well in all areas of the business, serving up ambient, chilled and hot water to all of your hard-working employees.

The Benefits Of The Quarrtz Watercooler (B1)

Easy to use ensuring everyone can pour themselves a rejuvenating cup.


Can serve up to 25 people.

The Classic Watercooler (B2)

If your office has a gym then this is the ideal range to help cool you off after a hard work out. Available in both floor-standing and table-top versions, the B2 can serve up to 22l of chilled water per hour. Ambient and hot water are also available for those who prefer a tea or coffee.

The Benefits Of The Classic Watercooler (B2)

Push buttons ensure anyone can use it.

Robust and low maintenance.

Dependent on model, can serve up to 25 people.

Are you looking for a new office water cooler or two? Check out our great range of water coolers here, and for more information on the importance of water, read our great post, ‘Don’t Just Hang Around The Cooler’.

One Milk, Two Sugars

Remember when you were little, coming downstairs for breakfast, being offered a glass of milk by your mother and the words, ‘It’ll help you grow big and strong’ or ‘Milk is good for the bones’ replied to you as you decided whether you should drink it? They were simpler times. The truth is, there’s much more to milk than healthy bones. With benefits including immunity against disease, healthy skin and teeth, as well the production of strong cells, by the end of this post, you’ll see why milk will always be good for you.


Good For A Healthy Heart

Calcium is not only great for the bones and teeth, but it’s been linked to a reduction in cardiovascular diseases and the prevalence of strokes. For example, Alexander et al., (2016) found in their meta-analysis of 31 studies, that calcium reduced the risk of stroke by 31%, and Qin et al. (2015) found dairy consumption resulted in a 12% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Calcium has also been associated with a decrease in blood pressure, vascular resistance and an improvement in a person’s blood lipid profile (i.e. cholesterol level).


Considering how stressful our working lives can be, milk can clearly have an important impact!

A Source Of Nutrients

Milk contains a great range of nutrients, including:

Protein: Renews cells; Sustains healthy hair and nails; Increase in satiety levels.

Choline: Regulates and supports sleep, memory and muscle movement. Choline also helps the body absorb fat and can reduce chronic inflammation.

Potassium: Preserves bone mineral density; Reduces the chances of kidney stones.

Vitamin D: Good for bone repair; Protects against colon, ovarian and breast cancer.

Other nutrients present include magnesium and phosphorus which help manage and control blood pressure.


Not only does research suggest that milk may actually be better than water and sports drinks for rehydration after exercise, but milk actually has a higher hydration index (1.5) than water (1.1) too. This means the liquid stays in your body longer, allowing the nutrients to be easily ingested, keeping you refreshed.

The Milk Fridge

Do you like milk with your tea or coffee? We believe the most refreshing milk is the coolest, which is why we present to you the Jura Milk Fridge:

Designed to complement the GIGA X3, JURA WE8 and the rest of the JURA line of coffee machines.

Can be filled with 4 litres of milk, which is consistently kept cool at 4°

Handy temperature thermostat display.

A cup warmer is located at the top of the fridge.

Condiments such as sugar and sweetener can be stored in the base drawer, as can stirrers.

Optional left or right hand pipe entry.


Need some sugar with your drink? We also sell a great range of sugar sachets, sugar sticks and sweetener sticks sure to add that boost to your beverage.

How Much Time Do Your Staff Waste Waiting For The Kettle To Boil?

Here’s a question you may have asked yourself while queueing up to make your refreshing hot beverage at work: How much time do I spend waiting for the kettle to boil each week, when I could be using my time more wisely? Research conducted on behalf of surveyed 2000 adults and found that, in a typical week, we’ll waste 12 minutes waiting for the kettle to boil. That’s approximately 50 minutes a month, and 624 minutes, or 10.4 hours a year.

It seems ridiculous doesn’t it? Even if we factor in that a colleague could make 8 of his/her workmates a cup of tea or coffee from the average kettle, the maths is still unnerving. 20 mugs takes 30 minutes, 50 mugs takes 1 hour, 15 minutes and for 100 mugs, that 2 and a half hours. Think about how much work could get done in that time. Unsurprisingly, 63% of study participants stated that they’d like to use their time more effectively.

Surely there’s got to be a more efficient way? There certainly is. We present to you 3 of the best water boilers currently on the market that ensure your staff can get back to their work and meetings as soon as possible.

The Wall-Mounted Ecoboiler

We love the elegance and style of the wall-mounted ecoboiler, made only better by its’ instantaneous hot water action.


Key Features:

Water is filtered ensuring drinks taste fresh and delicious.

Compact and ergonomic design.

Plumbed-in with both automatic and manual refill options.

Precise temperature control.


Safety: Thermally insulated and cool to the touch.

Convenience: Can make 18-20 mugs of hot water for immediate usage.

Output: 24 litres per hour. That’s 133 cups, or 1 every 30 seconds.

Energy efficiency.

Low maintenance, and is easy to descale and service.

The Ecoboiler T10

It’s always tea-time with the Ecoboiler T10, capable of creating invigorating hot water sure to boost any drinker’s motivation.


Key Features

Plumbed-in with both automatic and manual refill options.

Water is filtered to boost your drink’s taste.

Safety: Thermally insulated and cool to the touch.

Immediate draw off: 10 litres.


Convenience: Can make 30-35 mugs of hot water for instant usage.

Output: 28 litres per hour. That’s 156 cups, or 1 every 25 seconds.

Best in the range for energy efficiency.

Programmable portion dispense for desired amount.

Live temperature read out for ease of use.

The Ecoboiler T5

A smaller version of the T10, but just as mighty and marvellous in terms of output and functionality.

Key Features

Plumbed-in with both automatic and manual refill options.

Lightweight at only 10kg for easy movability.

Safety: Thermally insulated and cool to the touch.

Immediate draw off: 5 litres.


Convenience: Can make 18-20 mugs of hot water for immediate usage.

Output: 28 litres per hour. That’s 156 cups, or 1 every 25 seconds.

Made with 95% recyclable material.

Easy to descale and service.

Electronic control.

Has a water boiler caught your eye? Discover our great range of water boilers here, and check out our previous post, ‘Don’t Just Hang Around The Cooler’ for the added benefits of water.

The Best Coffee Machine For Your Office

With coffee being that extra boost to productivity, efficiency and workplace happiness that we all need on a daily basis, a coffee machine that caters to everyone’s unique tastes and preferences is of great importance. Quick speed, a low level of maintenance and the ability to continuously produce enjoyable drinks further highlights what defines a great coffee machine. However, with 100’s of choices out there, how are you supposed to know which ones are best? Hold on to your cups folks, because we’re about to tell you.

Best For The Boardroom: The Jura WE8

The boardroom can be a wonderful place full of creativity and discussion, but that’s not to say there’s no stress along the way. Keep calm and drink coffee with the Jura WE8, sure to please clients, colleagues, customers and stakeholders alike, with 12 specialities and sophisticated technology at its core. Prepare a Latte macchiato or Cappuccino at the touch of a button, as well as an espresso, flat white and ristretto among other premium drinks. Let this marvellous machine take care of the refreshments while you take care of your guests.


The Benefits Of The Jura WE8 Include:

A 6-level grinder that grinds beans fresh yet fast enough to maintain that lovely aroma.

The One-Touch function allows you to top your beverage with milk and/or foam.

Compatible with the JURA Connect (and Professional) Apps for easy maintenance.

Best For The Staff Kitchen: The Giga X3C

When your employees really need a break, a delicious coffee while in the office can rejuvenate and motivate them to continue with their days. Keep them happy with the Giga X3C, capable of producing drink after drink quickly and perfectly time and time again. They can choose from 31 speciality coffees, as well as 12 barista recipes, including caffe lattes, café cremes and flat whites. Intelligent features include the drip drain and coffee grounds disposal function sets, ensuring preparation and maintenance is minimal.

The Benefits Of The Giga X3C Include:

Permanent water connection for high-performance stationary use.

Programmable hot water temperature and amount of milk for individual tastes.

Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©) for optimal flavour and scent.

Best For The Reception Area: The Flavia C500

Your visitors may have had a long journey to your office, but will always feel welcome and refreshed with the Flavia C500. This multi-purpose machine provides coffees, teas and hot chocolate, as well as mochas, lattes and cappuccinos among other brilliant brews. The user-friendly menu ensures coffee beginners and aficionados alike can create their perfect drink.

Flavia C500 coffee machine from the side

The Benefits Of The Flavia C500 Include:

Rated as one of the most energy-efficient hot drinks systems available on the market.

Very quick and easy to clean and refill, for enjoyment and efficiency.

Creates four drink sizes: Small, Regular, Large, and Over Ice.

Can we interest you in a coffee machine for your office? Discover our great collection of coffee machines, coffee beans, instant coffee and filter and cafetiere coffee, as well as our previous post on ‘The Importance Of Good Coffee In The Workplace’ for added advantages.

Don’t Just Hang Around The Cooler

What workplace beverage gets you through the day? A soothing tea to help you deal with demanding clients? A coffee to keep you awake in long meetings as memo pad eyes just won’t do? Or maybe a sugar-filled drink that gives you that extra boost of energy to work better, faster and more productively? How about water? We know, it’s not the most exciting drink, but with benefits including practicality and increased immunity, we reckon that by the end of this post you’ll see the positive impact it can have, and the need for a great water cooler in your office.


The body may be 70% water, but regular refills are needed to keep us refreshed. Especially for employees who have long, tiresome journeys to work, water can increase energy levels and lead to stronger, sharper minds. Feeling hydrated also has a positive impact on our immune systems, helping the blood to carry oxygen to cells throughout our bodies. Water allows those cells to take in necessary nutrients and rid the body of toxins that could otherwise lead to infection and disease.

A Healthier Choice

Not only healthier than sugary drinks and juices, but cooler water is always safer than tap water. Filters ensure contaminants such as arsenic and campylobacter can’t infect the body, having been linked to fevers, skin lesions, diabetes and cancer. Coolers also reduce the chemicals found in natural drinking water, such as fluoride, chlorine and potentially, if you work near farmland, pesticides.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s estimated that each year, 50,000 tonnes of plastic bottles end up at landfill sites, each of which takes at least 450 years to decompose. A water cooler means each employee doesn’t have to bring their own bottles in from home, and through the provision of mugs and cups, plastic cups aren’t needed either.


Water coolers don’t require plumbing, meaning they are easy to set up and install, saving time, money and energy. They are also portable, so can be moved should you relocate, or simply want the cooler placed in another part of the office. Lastly, they are easy to use, operated by a button or switch ensuring everyone can enjoy a good hydrating drink.

What’s Cooler Water Also Good For?

A great cup of coffee. Filtered perfection can be boiled with your coffee beans ensuring a tasty, sanitary and stimulating drink that gives your staff the drive to perform at maximum capacity. Oh, and to help them stay awake in all those meetings.

We offer a wonderful selection of water coolers to make sure to keep your staff happy.

Coffee caught your eye? Discover our great collection of coffee machines, coffee beans, instant coffee and filter and cafetierie coffee, as well as our previous post on ‘The Importance Of Good Coffee In The Workplace’ for added benefits.

The Importance Of Good Coffee In The Workplace

Coffee – that cup of caffeinated goodness that can make or break an employee’s day. We all know how long and stressful a day at work can be, and that one (or three) cups can provide your staff with some stimulation and a break to catch up with co-workers. A bad cup however, can reduce productivity and could impact client relations when they wonder what on earth you’ve given them to drink. Good coffee is therefore a necessity. In this post, we look at the importance of good coffee in the workplace.

Relationship Building

When Green Mountain conducted a study on workplace habits, they found that 85% of participants believe client and co-worker relationships benefit from enjoying a good cup of coffee together. However, 52% felt coffee quality within their office was poor. Inviting others for a coffee allows discussion in a more relaxed environment, and when it’s good, ideas will flow naturally, colleagues will bond and clients will be impressed.

19% of staff also believe their co-workers’ idea generation and collaboration skills are best when clutching a delicious coffee.

Improving Productivity

We’re said to be the most awake and alert between 10am and 2pm, after which time, adenosine, the chemical responsible for sleepiness, comes into effect, limiting our productivity. Caffeine ensures tiredness isn’t felt, by stimulating the individual. This gives us the energy, motivation and ability to continue working at a high standard, with good coffee also improving memory recall.

Tiredness or irritability can also result in lax or unethical workplace behaviour, so a good coffee can give employees the will-power to stay on track.

It Shows You Value Your Staff

Good coffee is an inexpensive, yet valuable perk that shows you care about your staff’s well-being and appreciate all the hard work they’re doing. By providing them with a refreshing drink, it gives them time to take a break, recharge and start the next task feeling like they can take on the world.

Your Clients Are More Important Than Their Business

Simply offering your client a great drink shows you value the time they’ve taken out of their busy day to meet with you, and that you want to create a welcoming environment they’ll want to come back to. A good coffee (and impressive machine) can show the client they’re worth it and that you value them, as well as their business.

Makes the Break

Sitting with a good coffee can be a chance to get away from daily workplace stresses, helping staff to cope, relax and build up their energy. Colleagues can chat, joke, share stories and socialise in general, increasing job satisfaction and making them feel the stress is worth it. Happy workers are productive workers after all.

Coffee is clearly powerful stuff. Check out our range of coffee machines, coffee beans, instant coffee and filter and cafetierie coffee. Your staff will thank you – believe us.