ZIP Boiler Maintenance Service

Here at Choice Refreshments, we know a thing or two about hydration. As approved supply partners of ZIP Water Systems with over 30 years of experience in the business, we’re proud to offer our existing customers an expert ZIP Boiler Maintenance Service. Whether you’re experiencing a leak or there’s a flashing light on your system, we have the skills and expertise to fix your boiler and keep it running.

Based in Manchester and with customers throughout the UK, Choice Refreshments is more than just a water provider: we’re technical experts in keeping your supply running smoothly and safely. To arrange a ZIP Boiler Maintenance Service, get in touch today!

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Advanced boiler maintenance packages

Did you know that your ZIP Boiler System requires regular maintenance work (every 6 months or annually depending on the model) to keep it running smoothly, efficiently and safely? As approved supply partners for ZIP Water Systems, our team provides advanced maintenance packages for this brand’s core equipment.

For more information, see our brief package breakdown below:

HydroBoil Plus Maintenance Package
£192 per annum
or £16 per month
Maintenance Package (Low-Scale Area)
£359 per annum
or £29 per month
Maintenance Package (High-Scale Area)
£415 per annum
or £35 per month

Booking slots that work for you

Choice Refreshments are committed to offering a ZIP Boiler Maintenance Service that works for our customers. That’s why we offer two core booking slots each day, either at 10am and at 1.30pm. Book a service online through our calendar booking form or contact us on 0161 482 4591 to arrange a day and time that suits you.

Once you’ve had your first service with Choice Refreshments and want to continue keeping your equipment maintained, we will book it automatically for you to keep it in sequence. It’s that easy!
Customer service you
can count on
When you work with Choice Refreshments, you don’t have to worry about lengthy delays and being put on-hold. Our industry-leading customer service team is on standby to take your call, with experienced boiler technicians ready to complete your service. We pride ourselves on our aftercare package, ensuring that your water supply remains safe and accessible.
system faults
Are you worried about a leak in your ZIP Boiler system? Is a flashing light on your system giving you cause for concern? Our technicians offer the skill and experience required to examine any faulty systems, completing maintenance work that is cost-effective and appropriate. Regardless of your ZIP Boiler issues, you can call on Choice Refreshments.
Expert tips
and guidance
When we say we know our way around a ZIP Boiler System, we mean it. Our knowledge is here to be shared - that’s why you can reach out to our technicians to answer any and all of your questions; whether it’s around how to use sleep mode or how to change your water temperatures. Just pick up the phone to get the answer you need!
Personalised maintenance & modification
As approved supply partners of ZIP Water Systems, the Choice Refreshments team provides a high level of skill when it comes to modifying your boiler to suit your needs. From the changing of filters right through to system sanisation, refrigeration repairs and limescale management, we can modify your system to work the way you need it to
Short lead times
When you opt for Choice Refreshment’s Advanced Zip Boiler Maintenance Service, you can expect your job to be completed with some of the shortest lead times on the market. Regardless of the scale of your issue, our technicians can attend your site within hours to resolve it. Regardless of your location in the UK, we’ve got your back - and your boiler’s!
Boiler & hot tap system part replacement
As approved and certified ZIP Supply partners, we repair and replace boiler and hot tap system components using registered ZIP parts. Part replacements are available at a typically cost-effective rate. Where modified, personalised systems are required, the Choice Refreshments team can work with site architects to follow orders through until completion.
Advanced boiler maintenance packages
We’ve been supplying hydration and boiler systems for over 30 years, and our range of boiler systems come from some of the industry’s most-trusted suppliers.

Frequently asked questions

One service per year including a de-scale is sufficient.

A maintenance service is recommended at least every six months.

We accept payment in either proforma for the year when requested/as and when the service has been carried out or monthly by direct debit (if on account).

No, once you’ve had your first service and want to continue keeping your equipment maintained, we will book it automatically for you to keep it in sequence.

Yes, all parts are genuine, including the filters.

Yes, and Choice Refreshments are ZIP preferred suppliers.

Currently we cover Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and The Humber.

Yes, they’re fully DBS checked in accordance with current standards.

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