Why You Should Choose Breez Coffee

We might be biased, but we’d like to take this time to introduce our range of coffee and explain why we think it’s the best coffee in town…

The Flavour

First and foremost, the discerning factor when choosing your coffee is the flavour. Our founder Russell is a self-confessed ‘coffee snob’. He loves nothing more than tasting all of our coffees on our sourcing trips to the world’s leading coffee producing countries. If it doesn’t pack the flavour punch that we pride ourselves on, it won’t be purchased. It’s that simple!

The Freshness

Our promise to our customers is that our coffee will reach you in less than three weeks from bean to cup. All of our coffee is roasted and then ground here in the UK before being quickly packed to seal in the flavour. This is all to ensure that when you open one of our bags of coffee you will get that amazing scent of freshly ground coffee that makes all of us coffee lovers weak at the knees!

Our Ethics

You will see the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade symbols on every pack of Breez coffee you purchase. At the heart of our business is the desire to give back to the communities we work with and it is a personal commitment from our founder Russell to our staff and our customers that we will always work ethically and sustainably.

We are constantly finding new ways that we can ensure that we are keeping this promise. Our commitment is to ensure that the farmers we work with are paid fairly for the amazing work they do for us, that we are always giving back as much to the earth as we take, and that the soil that provides for us will stay in perfect condition.

Our Range

All coffee drinkers know that you crave a different type of coffee on a Sunday morning than you do on a Wednesday at the 3pm slump. This is why we have a range of different strengths for different occasions. Relax with the crossword with a cup of our Excellence coffee at a 3/10 strength, or pep yourself up with our Revive coffee at a 5/10 strength.

We also have our ‘Pure Origins’ range, which gives you the flavours of coffee from Ethiopia, Sumatra and Columbia. You’ll be surprised at how much the taste can change between the different countries. The taste of coffee depends on the soil conditions, the climate, the rainfall, the amount of sunlight, the altitude at which is it grown… so many factors contribute, so make sure you try all three to find your favourite!

Have we persuaded you? Buy a pack of Breez coffee here on our website…