Don’t Just Hang Around The Cooler

What workplace beverage gets you through the day? A soothing tea to help you deal with demanding clients? A coffee to keep you awake in long meetings as memo pad eyes just won’t do? Or maybe a sugar-filled drink that gives you that extra boost of energy to work better, faster and more productively? How about water? We know, it’s not the most exciting drink, but with benefits including practicality and increased immunity, we reckon that by the end of this post you’ll see the positive impact it can have, and the need for a great water cooler in your office.


The body may be 70% water, but regular refills are needed to keep us refreshed. Especially for employees who have long, tiresome journeys to work, water can increase energy levels and lead to stronger, sharper minds. Feeling hydrated also has a positive impact on our immune systems, helping the blood to carry oxygen to cells throughout our bodies. Water allows those cells to take in necessary nutrients and rid the body of toxins that could otherwise lead to infection and disease.

A Healthier Choice

Not only healthier than sugary drinks and juices, but cooler water is always safer than tap water. Filters ensure contaminants such as arsenic and campylobacter can’t infect the body, having been linked to fevers, skin lesions, diabetes and cancer. Coolers also reduce the chemicals found in natural drinking water, such as fluoride, chlorine and potentially, if you work near farmland, pesticides.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s estimated that each year, 50,000 tonnes of plastic bottles end up at landfill sites, each of which takes at least 450 years to decompose. A water cooler means each employee doesn’t have to bring their own bottles in from home, and through the provision of mugs and cups, plastic cups aren’t needed either.


Water coolers don’t require plumbing, meaning they are easy to set up and install, saving time, money and energy. They are also portable, so can be moved should you relocate, or simply want the cooler placed in another part of the office. Lastly, they are easy to use, operated by a button or switch ensuring everyone can enjoy a good hydrating drink.

What’s Cooler Water Also Good For?

A great cup of coffee. Filtered perfection can be boiled with your coffee beans ensuring a tasty, sanitary and stimulating drink that gives your staff the drive to perform at maximum capacity. Oh, and to help them stay awake in all those meetings.

We offer a wonderful selection of water coolers to make sure to keep your staff happy.

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