The Importance Of Good Coffee In The Workplace

Coffee – that cup of caffeinated goodness that can make or break an employee’s day. We all know how long and stressful a day at work can be, and that one (or three) cups can provide your staff with some stimulation and a break to catch up with co-workers. A bad cup however, can reduce productivity and could impact client relations when they wonder what on earth you’ve given them to drink. Good coffee is therefore a necessity. In this post, we look at the importance of good coffee in the workplace.

Relationship Building

When Green Mountain conducted a study on workplace habits, they found that 85% of participants believe client and co-worker relationships benefit from enjoying a good cup of coffee together. However, 52% felt coffee quality within their office was poor. Inviting others for a coffee allows discussion in a more relaxed environment, and when it’s good, ideas will flow naturally, colleagues will bond and clients will be impressed.

19% of staff also believe their co-workers’ idea generation and collaboration skills are best when clutching a delicious coffee.

Improving Productivity

We’re said to be the most awake and alert between 10am and 2pm, after which time, adenosine, the chemical responsible for sleepiness, comes into effect, limiting our productivity. Caffeine ensures tiredness isn’t felt, by stimulating the individual. This gives us the energy, motivation and ability to continue working at a high standard, with good coffee also improving memory recall.

Tiredness or irritability can also result in lax or unethical workplace behaviour, so a good coffee can give employees the will-power to stay on track.

It Shows You Value Your Staff

Good coffee is an inexpensive, yet valuable perk that shows you care about your staff’s well-being and appreciate all the hard work they’re doing. By providing them with a refreshing drink, it gives them time to take a break, recharge and start the next task feeling like they can take on the world.

Your Clients Are More Important Than Their Business

Simply offering your client a great drink shows you value the time they’ve taken out of their busy day to meet with you, and that you want to create a welcoming environment they’ll want to come back to. A good coffee (and impressive machine) can show the client they’re worth it and that you value them, as well as their business.

Makes the Break

Sitting with a good coffee can be a chance to get away from daily workplace stresses, helping staff to cope, relax and build up their energy. Colleagues can chat, joke, share stories and socialise in general, increasing job satisfaction and making them feel the stress is worth it. Happy workers are productive workers after all.

Coffee is clearly powerful stuff. Check out our range of coffee machines, coffee beans, instant coffee and filter and cafetierie coffee. Your staff will thank you – believe us.