About us

We are Choice Refreshments, and we’ve been providing offices in the Manchester area with hydration solutions for over 30 years. We have extensive experience working within workplace environments of all kinds, including offices and co-working spaces. We’re passionate about offering our customers products that meet their needs and are safe, durable and cost-effective, as well as giving an excellent customer experience and expert advice every single time. As locals to the area, we’ve seen countless Manchester offices and workplaces, and delivered bottled water solutions to our clients that make sense for them, fitting the needs of their business.

Sectors we serve




Logistics & Warehousing

Manufacturing & Engineering



“Over the last three years, Choice Refreshments have given us excellent service. Our water coolers are maintained or renewed on a regular basis and the company keeps in touch without us feeling pestered. Our Choice water cooler keeps our staff refreshed, saves them money and helps to reduce the impact of unnecessary waste on the environment.”

Stephen Talbot Advertising

“We have used Choice Refreshments for the past two years. We have never had any problems with the equipment. We have both the water cooler system and a system for hot water. No more kettles or a steamed up staffroom!”

St Thomas CE Primary School

“Staff and visitors love the coffee, clients have also commented on how nice it is. When we order it is always comes fairly quick, thanks for your good service.”

Race Cottam Architects, Sheffield

“I had some staff telling me the previous supplier’s coffee was very bitter, yours is great tasting and the staff love it.”

Code Computerlove, Manchester

“We have recently recruited some new members of staff who are coffee-snobs. This is the reason we are increasing our orders and require a new machine.”

Tim Groom Architects, Manchester

“Your Excellence beans have a great chocolate and blackcurrant aftertaste, please can we order another 10 bags as these guys are going through it fast!!!!”

Kornferry, Manchester

“Wow…..that was quick service.”

Countrywide, Manchester

“You’ve always given us good service over the past 20 years (or more) and as you’re local we will be more than happy to go for you with the beans as well.”

Cushman & Wakefield, Manchester

“Our staff really like the beans, we’re down to our last bag so look forward to seeing you!”

SLG Agency, Manchester