No waiting for the kettle or queue to move with the Ecoboiler T5, the small yet mighty water boiler capable of creating continuous refreshment heaven with its speedy delivery of hot water. Welcome staff, visitors, clients and customers in with a filtered drink with enhanced flavour and heat – the water can reach up to 98°c. With temperature control and automatic refilling, this machine proves that the best things do come in small packages.

The Ecoboiler T5 can make approximately 18-20 cups of hot water for instant dispense, and quick and enjoyable drinks.



Key Features of the Ecoboiler T5

  • Plumbed-in with both automatic and manual refill options easy functionality.
  • Filtered water ensures a safe, fresh and tasty beverage.
  • Weighing only 10kg allows for easy movability and relocation.
  • Safety is key as the machine is thermally insulated and cool to the touch.
  • Neat and compact design to save counter space.

Key Benefits of the Ecoboiler T5

    • Can produce 18-20 cups of hot water for instantaneous usage.
    • Easy to clean, descale and service, ensuring low maintenance.
    • Energy efficient and therefore great for the (and your work) environment.
    • Made from 95% recyclable materials.
    • Compact design, fitting as easily on a table, a desk or counter top.

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Technical Information

      • Tap dispense.
      • Instant draw-off – 5 litres.
      • Throughput per hour – 20 litres.
      • Output per hour – 28 litres.
      • Cups per hour – 156.
      • Hot Temperature – 98°c.
      • Precise temperature control.
      • Power Rating – 2.8kw.
      • Stainless Steel tank.
      • Plumbing Requirements: 3/4″ BSP.
      • Electronic control.
      • Compact construction and design.
      • Power: 230V, 2.8kW, 12.2A.
      • Energy Efficiency Rating: A+.
      • Made with 95% recyclable material.


      • 10kg / 51 x 21 x 47 cm


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