Fill up their cups with the Ecoboiler T10, the best water boiler out there for waiting rooms, conferences and large offices. Make your staff, guests and clients feel at home with a heated brew from a machine that is easy to use and automatically refills itself, saving you time, water and reducing mess. With temperature control and a live temperature read out, everyone can boil their beverage to perfection and enjoy a drink they know they’ll love.

The Ecoboiler T10 can create approximately 30-35 cups of hot water for immediate dispense, aiding complete refreshment.



Key Features of the Ecoboiler T10

  • Plumbed-in with both automatic and manual refill options, for practicality and efficiency.
  • A water tank of 316 litre capacity.
  • Water is filtered to boost your drink’s taste and enjoyment.
  • Thermally insulated and cool to the touch, preventing scalds and burns.
  • Adjustable temperature control for desired hotness.
  • Can produce 30-35 cups of hot water for instant usage.
  • Programmable portion dispense for desired amount – great for quick drinks and those that are more soothing.
  • Live temperature read outs for accessibility.
  • Low maintenance and is easy to clean and descale.
  • Energy efficient, saving you money on those utility bills.

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    • Technical Information
    • Tap dispense.
    • Instant draw-off -10 litres.
    • Output per hour – 28 litres.
    • Cups per hour – 156.
    • Hot temperature – 98°c.
    • Electronic control.
    • Operator adjustable temperature.
    • Programmable portion dispense.
    • Programmable pulse feature.
    • Variable height options.
    • Power Rating – 2.8kw.
    • LCD panel.
    • Live temperature readout.
    • Stainless steel tank.
    • Filter change flag.
    • Power – 230V, 2.8kW, 12.2A.
    • Plumbing Requirements: 3/4″ BSP.
    • Energy Efficiency Rating: A+.
    • Made with 95% recyclable material.


        • 12.5 kg / 51 x 21 x 59 cm


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